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 ◻ have a movie marathon
       with Aaron
◻ catch up on all my tv
◻ re-read Out of the Deep
◻ decorate my room
◻ start volunteering
◻ get a job
◻ code a theme

why right click is disabled devider I try to be on tumblr as much as I can, but school is really stressing me out. It is very difficult for me to answer asks: it may take me over a week to reply. you can always contact me outside tumblr
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1. Holocene - Bon Iver
2. Renegade - Styx
3. Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
4. Static Waves - Andrew Belle
5. Broken - Lifehouse
6. The Girl - City and Colour
7. Sweater Weather - The Neighborhood
8. King & Lionheart - Of Monsters and Men
10. Amsterdam - Coldplay
11. Cough Syrup - Young The Giant
12. Young and Beautiful - Lana del Rey
13. Team - Lorde
14. Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy
15. Vanilla Twilight - Owl City
16. The Love Club - Lorde


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angel's wild & angelhawke
as many books as i can

wtnv, mariana's trench, and more

  • tons of movies are coming out this year!!!
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    Misha Collins at NJ Con 2014 ©

    Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens. 


    I stole my friend’s hat and I felt kinda cute in it so yeah

    No one knows my name


    When the moon fell in love with the sun
    All was golden in the sky
    All was golden when the day met the night []


    "Fallen Castiel"


    But can you just imagine the indefinable web of stardust, this galaxy of impalpable energy and boundless knowledge all trapped into one sentinel being, Castiel? Can you just imagine his first step onto the solid, three-dimensional planes of Earth, his wonder and awe at the miracle of childbirth, the world-shaking power and strength in human love and devotion? Can’t you see the glint in his eye, the grace in the skeleton of his borrowed hand, the gentle ease with which he sees and speaks and treats this admirable creation of his Father’s?

    And then he meets this human, this overwhelming, tide-turning, green-eyed man with voice as hard as steel, and hands as soft as cotton. This one man, this one small man with his one small human soul that flips Castiel’s world upside down, that redefines his old definitions.  And it’s not fair, that he can change everything that Castiel’s ever known in the blink of an eye, it’s not fair the weight on his shoulders, the burden, heavy down to the very blood that courses through his veins. 

    This Dean, Castiel watches him—watches him meticulously. He hears his steel voice, hears it, and it cuts shards into his integrity and makes his own voice come out weak and frail. He wants to map the planes of this man’s chest with his hands, with his lips; he wants to learn him again like he did the first time (when he put him together like a bloody puzzle). Castiel wants, sordidly, he wants, and he’s never known the bittersweet edge of agony that want can bring—the tantalizing taste of a human vice so strange to his angelic insight.

    And though Castiel knows him, to the very dark and tortured expanses of his soul, at the same time, he does not know him. On a different plane, he owns that soul, it wears his brand, (he rescued it with his own grace) but here on Earth—he is nothing more than a body, than a breath in the limitless universe that is Dean.

    And it’s all too much for Castiel to handle—it’s dangerous, it’s indefinite, indefinable. It’s mutiny, rebellion, betrayal, and yet how can something so indeterminately wrong, feel so right?

    not often seen pics of jensen ackles 2 (1)

    "Sam Winchester must die."

    I believe in the power of naps!

    all clawed up with her insides in her hands. put her out of her misery like a sick dog.


    Jensen Ackles
    12-ish hours
    A3 paper and crappy color pencils.

    Original photo here


    Fall Out Boy - Centuries - Single

    2686 plays


    you’re my brother and I’d die for you.

    elise white